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Adam Ofer, M.D., FACOG

oferDr. Ofer is recognized as a regional expert and thought leader in gynecology and minimally-invasive surgical techniques and serves as Director of Gynecology at Norwalk Hospital.

As with all the physicians at The Avery Center, Dr. Ofer practices both comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology. However, Dr. Ofer has specialized training and expertise in pelvic reconstruction and minimally-invasive surgery.

Laparoscopic / da Vinci Surgery

As an expert in advanced laparoscopic techniques, Dr. Ofer can offer his patients a great alternative to traditional laparotomy (a major incision on the abdomen). Dr. Ofer's technique for laparoscopy uses the smallest laparoscopic instruments available through small incisions which can often be made in natural creases of the body to avoid scars.

Dr. Ofer was one of the first surgeons in Connecticut to utilize the da Vinci surgical system and bring his patients the safest, most advanced surgical technology in the world.  The da Vinci system enables complicated procedures to be done through several dime-size incisions.  Dr. Ofer currently uses the da Vinci Robot for a variety of gynecologic procedures, including hysterectomy, myomectomy, and sacrocolpopexy for pelvic prolapse.

For women who seek to maintain their fertility or simply desire to preserve their uterus, Dr. Ofer is able to offer a variety of options, including endometrial ablation and da Vinci myomectomy. Many of Dr. Ofer's patients have been told by other physicians that hysterectomy is the only option. Those patients now live symptom-free while retaining their uterus.

Urogynecology & Pelvic Prolapse

Dr. Ofer runs the Bladder Dysfunction Program at The Avery Center. He has broad experience with diagnosis and treatment of overactive bladder, urinary stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. At our Westport location, Dr. Ofer uses state-of-the-art multi-channel urodynamics equipment to evaluate bladder function. His techniques for incontinence surgery allow most surgery to be done in an outpatient setting. Most patients are home within a few hours and back to work within a few days.

Dr. Ofer's approach to pelvic prolapse offers patients a variety of options with emphasis on minimal invasiveness and rapid recovery. All of the patient's concerns are addressed, which may include discomfort from prolapse, incontinence, lack of sexual satisfaction and / or cosmetic concerns. He has experience and expertise in pelvic reconstruction through vaginal and laparoscopic approaches, including  da Vinci sacrocolpopexy.

This Provider's Patient Satisfaction Ratings
Friendliness and Courtesy97.1
Concern for Worries95.9
Confidence in Provider96.2
Likelihood of Recommending95.5
Office Staff Teamwork94.2
Scores are based on patients surveyed by Press Ganey between 1/1/19 and 6/30/19.
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