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At Progressive Women's Health we understand a woman's unique health issues and offer comprehensive services that address a woman's evolving needs and the specific concerns she may face. Our physicians are board-certified and well qualified to diagnose, manage, and treat the many common problems women encounter throughout their lives. Our goal is to make each visit to our office as pleasant and satisfying as possible. We encourage our patients to ask questions and to maintain good communication throughout their experiences.


Our care extends from adolescence (15+ years) and the reproductive years through the peri-menopause and postmenopausal years. We encourage a partnership between the physician and patient which promotes a healthy lifestyle. We are fully capable of dealing with most issues that confront women throughout their lives.

Specific problems we commonly address are:
  • Adolescence care and counseling
  • Preventative screening services with communication to other providers as desired
  • Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal bleeding
  • Prevention, diagnosis, & treatment of gynecologic infections
  • Evaluation and guidance in coping with the unique challenges of the peri-menopausal and menopausal years
  • Genetic counseling and testing, including evaluation and counseling for women at high risk for breast, ovarian and colon cancer
In-office procedures include:
  • Ultrasound
  • Sonohystograms
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Sterilization
  • Endometrial ablation (NovaSure®, THERMACHOICE®)
  • Evaluation & treatment of abnormal pap smears (colposcopy, LEEP)
Other minor & major gynecologic surgeries include:
  • Hysterectomy: abdominal, laparoscopic, vaginal, and robotic
  • Ovarian surgery
  • Vaginal surgery
  • Tubal ligation
  • D&C
  • Cone biopsy
Family Planning

We provide contraceptive counseling to educate women on temporary and permanent methods of birth control, including in-office sterilization.

Pre-pregnancy Counseling

We want to ensure that all women are in optimal health before they conceive. Pre-pregnancy counseling will help us to evaluate your health, target important issues in your personal and family history, address diet/nutrition/exercise, and identify any potential health risks to you and your future baby. We also offer initial infertility assessments.


Drs. Steadman specialize in comprehensive maternity care, low and high risk obstetrics (with perinatology consultation when indicated), and individualized birthing alternatives. We provide on-site ultrasound and monitoring, prenatal testing, as well as comprehensive care during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

Clinical Trials

We are currently enrolling participants for the following clinical trial study:

Oral Contraceptive Surveillance Study

For more information, please contact Jennifer Webster at 860-676-8111 or jwebster@womenshealthusa.com.

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