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Welcome to S.H.E. Medical Associates, where you will find an individualized and comprehensive approach to health care in Ob Gyn for women in all stages of life. The mission of our board certified Ob Gyns and expert clinicians is to provide individualized care to our patients and focus on their comfort and well-being.

S.H.E. Medical Associates has been serving Hartford County since it was founded in the mid-1960s by the late Dr. Mark Solomkin, Dr. Benson Horowitz, and Dr. Stanley Edelstein. The name S.H.E. Medical Associates is derived from the first letter of each founder’s last name. Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Edelstein later retired, leaving the practice under the current partnership and guidance of Dr. Randy Berke.

Recently, S.H.E. Medical Associates received a grant from the National Vulvodynia Association, Inc. to formally open a dedicated vulvovaginal center with a focus on vulvar pain, atypical vaginitis and vaginosis, and vulvar skin diseases. This vulvovaginal center allows us to provide a specialized focus in the treatment and care of our patients with these problems. S.H.E Medical Associates is one of the few practices in the Ob Gyn field that offers this level of dedication to these disorders.

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Primary Location

449 Farmington Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 236-5431