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At Southport Women’s Health we offer guidance in preventative and wellness care before and after childbearing years and through menopause. For our young patients, STD testing and all forms of contraception are offered as well. Southport Women’s Health is certified by the North American Menopause Society and specializes in perimenopausal medicine. Our women’s wellness and weight loss programs are available for patients of all ages. We recognize the many challenges in a woman’s life and strive to help our patients attain their optimal health.

Well-woman Preventative Care
Long-term Birth Control: IUDs
Permanent Birth Control
STD Testing
HPV Immunization
Premenstrual Syndrome Counseling and Care
Bio Identical and Other Types of Hormone Replacement
Genetic Testing and Counseling for Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer
Continence Care
Nutritional Counseling/Weight Loss Program
Initial Infertility Assessment
AIUM certified In Office Ultrasounds
In Office Sonohystograms
LEEP Procedure
Endometrial Biopsies
Laparoscopic Surgery
Endometrial Ablations

**Dr. Sager and Dr. Jacobs are certified to use Intone and Apex Devices. These are non-invasive devices that help treat urinary incontinence, bladder leakage, urinary frequency and urgency by retraining and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. 

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