Woodland Women’s Health Associates

Our Team

At Woodland Women’s Health Associates, we have a team of expert Ob Gyn physicians and two clinicians, who are dedicated to providing you with quality care and compassion. Our providers have extensive training in women's health and meet all of the highest education standards, ensuring our patients receive the most up to date treatment available. All of our physicians are board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Our Physicians

Michael Bourque, M.D.
Felice Colliton, M.D.
Kenneth Elligers, M.D.
Maria Ellis, M.D.
Stephen Fishman, M.D.
Kathleen Gabriele, D.O.
Yanna Karabatsos, M.D.
Lakshmi Magavi, M.D.
Anne Massucco, M.D.
Tony Ness, M.D.

Our Clinicians

Maxine Costa, A.P.R.N.