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Routine Care for Women

At Women’s Health Connecticut, our primary focus is caring for women. But women, of course, put everyone else in the family first; often, they even take better regular care of their cars than themselves.

That’s why routine or “well woman care” is something our physicians, and their practice team members, take very personally. From scheduling your annual visits to arranging regular mammogram screenings, consistent thoughtful care is the best way to promote better health and wellness — no matter what your age.

Keeping you well, and well informed

Your routine care should include regular check-ups with your doctor, who may do scheduled tests and exams and keep your medical history up-to-date.

We’ve also provided a section about common gynecologic concerns, in addition to other routine visit topics that may be of interest to you, including Menstruation and Birth Control.

For more about the needs of teens, visit our Adolescent Health section.

Please remember to always seek the advice of your physician or clinician regarding specific medical questions or conditions.

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