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Pregnant Women: Avoid Zika Virus

by Morgan Wilson | May 16, 2016
The Zika virus can be passed from a pregnant woman to her unborn baby, and can cause serious birth defects. Find out when you should be concerned and how you can prevent the Zika virus.

The last several months have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases reported of Zika virus, a mosquito-borne illness, throughout Central and South America in particular. Though the chance of a problem for the baby when the mother has Zika infection in pregnancy is unclear, there seems to be a strong link to birth defects, especially of the head and brain. Since there is no vaccine or cure at this time, prevention is the best protection. Educate yourself on all aspects of this serious infection from the MotherToBaby Fact Sheet on Zika virus and pregnancy at http://mothertobaby.org/fact-sheets/zika-virus-pregnancy/pdf/


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