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Women's Health Bill Tabled: What You Can Do

by Teagan Smith | Jun 09, 2017
A bill drafted to protect women’s health coverage should the Affordable Care Act be repealed has been tabled after The CT House of Representatives failed to vote on it earlier this month. Learn what you can do to stand up for women's health issues.

A bipartisan Senate bill drafted to protect women’s health coverage should the Affordable Care Act be repealed has been tabled after the House of Representatives failed to vote on it in the final hours of the Connecticut legislative session earlier this month. Senate Bill 586 would create provisions for uninsured women to obtain health insurance up to 30 days after becoming pregnant. Under the bill, pregnancy would be considered a “qualifying event,” allowing Connecticut women to obtain coverage outside of the usual open enrollment period. Preventative services covered under the ACA such as well-woman visits, access to birth control, STD testing, and cancer screenings would also be protected. 

The general session of the General Assembly has ended, however, a special session to continue budget negotiations has commenced that could last up to 6 weeks. It’s unclear what will happen to Bill 586 in the special session. Though the future of this bill is uncertain, Women's Health CT will continue to advocate for the more than 300,000 women it serves and lobby for legislature that supports the best interest of women and families. Women's Health CT supports complete coverage of preventative care and women's reproductive services and looks forward to an audience with key Connecticut legislators to help them understand the impact and complexities of what is proposed.

Here are 10 things you can do NOW to stand up for women's health issues:

1) Know Your Representation

You have 2 U.S. Senators and 1 U.S. Representative. Who are they? Find out now. Find your Connecticut General Assembly legislators here.

2) Get Social

On Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Your Members of Congress are! Follow them now. 

3) Start Tagging

Tag your Members of Congress so they know when you post about important issues. 

4) Add ACOG

Make sure you follow @ACOGaction on Twitter! Get real-time updates on key ACOG legislation.

5) Speed Dial

Add the U.S. Capitol Switchboard to your phone: (202) 224-3121 One call and you’re connected!

6) Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Go old-school. Grab a postcard and a pen. We’ll hand-deliver your message to the U.S. Congress! 

7) Be A Hero

Join our Advocacy Heroes email listserv. We’ll keep you up-to-date on ways to advocate! 

8) Bookmark It

Visit www.acog.org/action to message your Members of Congress by typing in your address! 

9) Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Contribute to Ob-GynPAC. Help us support ob-gyn-friendly candidates. 

10) Introduce Us

Find a friend and bring them back to the ACOG Advocacy Center. It’s time to go All In for Advocacy! 




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