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Thameside ObGyn Centre

Our Services

At Thameside ObGyn Centre, we treat a variety of OB/Gyn conditions and perform state of the art procedures to ensure the best outcomes. Our doctors are recognized as a foremost authority in advanced techniques, offering services in:

Annual Female Exams
Gynecologic Surgery
On-site Ultrasound
On-site Drawing Station and Phlebotomist
Laparoscopic Surgery
Birth Control Counseling
Non-Stress Testing and Fetal Monitoring
Initial Infertility Assessment
LEEP Procedure
Laser Surgery
Prenatal Care
Adolescent Care
Menopause Management
Incontinence Evaluation and Care
Breast Screening and Evaluation
FDA Approved Clinical Research Trials
Family Planning
Her Option® Endometrial Cryoablation Procedure
NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation Procedure

Clinical Trials

We are currently enrolling particiants for the following clinical trial studies:

Treatment of BV
Treatment of Endometriosis
Treatment of Female Orgasmic Disorder
Iron Deficiency
Overactive Bladder
Pap Study
Preterm Delivery Study

For more information, please contact Deb Schildt, Clinical Trial Coordinator at 860-445-5107 ordschildt@womenshealthusa.com.

Electric Medical Records

Our practice uses computerized medical records, billing, prescription writing, and lab results. Your chart is never lost, misplaced or destroyed.

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