Midlife Health for Women

Midlife is a time of natural transition in a woman’s life. From perimenopause, menopause, to postmenopause there are many emotional and physical changes that women experience in this phase of life. Women's Health Connecticut is here to give you the compassionate care you deserve at any life stage.


Menopause signals a major change in a woman’s health. Just as in adolescence or during pregnancy, a woman's body is adjusting to different levels of hormones which can result in a range of symptoms. Women’s Health Connecticut is committed to helping you find a knowledgeable and understanding specialist who will hear your concerns and help you through this transition.

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Women's Health Connecticut offers both traditional mammography and 3D mammography. At Women’s Health Connecticut, we want to make your annual screenings and appointments easy, accessible, and comfortable. We are happy to announce that 10 of our Women's Health Connecticut practices now offer full-service, same day, annual exams, and 3D mammography screenings. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable during your visit, answer every question, and do all we can so you can enjoy your best health. 

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If you are experiencing any issues with incontinence, you’re not alone. Many of our physicians have a special interest in bladder health and incontinence. Through urodynamic testing, measurements are taken to evaluate bladder function and efficiency so that identified problems can be managed and treated through surgery or other procedures. 

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